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We have Forgotten ourselves in search of the other things

I am here to search the forgotten me!

Install BPF(Berkley Packet Filter) along with another service in a Docker Container

Prerequisite: 1. Docker 2. trace-nodejs Without wasting any time, lets dive directly to the steps involved: Download the trace-nodejs from my GitHub repository You can also create the Dockerfile based on your choice and requirements. I am using the same nodejs application introduced in my previous tutorial on How to create a Docker Container. Build […]

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How to Create A Docker Container

Hi again! Here I am going to pack an application inside a Docker Image. In this page we are going to learn these main things: 1. Install Docker on Ubuntu 2. Create a Dockerfile 3. How to build & run Docker container Install Docker On Ubuntu Use the following command in the terminal to install […]

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Minikube Installation

For installing Minikube we require the following: 1. Virtualization Support on the system 2. kubectl 3. minikube 4. docker-machine-kvm2 Let us start… Verify if your system has virtualization support enabled: egrep -q ‘vmx|svm’ /proc/cpuinfo && echo yes || echo no If the output is yes, it means it supports virtualization In this case, I am […]

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Kernel Upgrade

1. Update all Repositories: apt update 2. Update all the packages installed: apt upgrade -y 3. Reboot the System reboot 4. Check current Version of the Kernel In this case, I am upgrading from 4.4.0-62 to 4.10.1 uname -msr or uname -a 5. Install new kernel: a. Create a new directory for the kernel version […]

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Atopsar Download and Install

Atopsar is a great tool for monitoring the CPU utilization in Linux environment. 1. Go to https://www.atoptool.nl/downloadatop.php a. Direct download to your computer OR b. On server: curl https://www.atoptool.nl/download/atop-2.4.0.tar.gz This will download file on your linux 2. Untar the file downloaded tar xzf atop-2.4.0.tar.gz 3. Under atop directory there is a README file, which contain […]

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Push your files/project on Git Repository

1. Install Git sudo apt-get install git 2.GitHub Configuration git config –global user.name “your_username” git config –global user.email “your_emailid” 3. Create local repository Initialize the folder that you want to push to github website using the following command: git init setup If the repository is created, you will see the following message: 4. Create a […]

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